Automated Professional Lien Forms for your Construction Company


Congratulations on your brilliant materials and services.  As an attorney, I can
easily see how much money some of my clients would have saved if they had gone
to you before they needed to come to me.  I have a client who is out $22K
because his lien paperwork was not in order.  His court costs alone on this one
case (exclusive of attorney fees) may exceed the cost of your help for a whole
year!  Your cost is more than justified and should save contractors lots of
money.  The only alternative may be paying an attorney to try to recoup the
money they should already have in their pockets.  I guarantee, you will have a lot
of contractors as friends!  Good job.
                                     ~Thad Muething, Esq., Ohio
These guys are awesome! They have made my life so easy and 
I can prepare my own forms online.Its too easy to use their service.
Great work guys!
                           ~ Joe Bruno
Nationwide website is extremely helpful and easy to use .I want to say that the website I can access anywhere. The staff extremely helpful.
Thank you!
                       Mauro - (Owner)  Metal Roof Outlet
Preliendepot has saved our company time and  money since we started to use this service.
The staff is there to help when you call.
Thanks again for your help.      Karen Cupello - (Manager)  Park Electric Services
Our firm has been using the new software and we dont need to out source the work
anymore.Preliendepot works well with us in cost saving and time.
Looking forward in doing business with your company.
                                        Jessica Hill -(Operations Manager) Woodcrest Construction
We do  Preliminary Notices Nationwide and we found that this website is user friendly,
priced right and would highly recommend to anyone in the Construction Industry. 
 Construction Notice Inc. 

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These guys are awesome! They have made my life so easy and relax that i never have to worry about any of legal matters at all! Its too easy to use their service. Great work guys!

~ Matthew McFetridge

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