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Notice to Owner / Notice to Contractor

Any contractor, subcontractor or supplier, who is not dealing with the property owner directly, is legally required to serve a Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor (NTO) to the property of the owner. As a written notice, a NTO secures the rights of the sender to lien the property for the value of materials, labor or services furnished by him. It ensures that the sender of the notice is paid before payment is made to the contractor.

However, the non-privity party must serve the written notice within 45 days from the first delivery date of materials, labors or services at the job site, and. Also, he must serve the notice only through the mode of delivery prescribed by the law. It is important for any party not dealing with the owner of the property can use the written notice as a tool to secure his payment and improve the cash flow situation.

Why It is Important to Send the Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor?

✔ The NTO will inform the owner of the property that the sender of the notice is a subcontractor or supplier on the job.
✔ The NTO will ensure that the sender is paid before payment is made to the contractor
✔ The NTO will indicate your seriousness about receiving the payment timely and fully

Before creating a Notice to Owner, the non-privity party must understand all legal provisions related to a Notice to Owner. At the same time, he needs to ensure that the written notice complies with the Statue for each state. That is why; often find it difficult to create a NTO despite putting both time and effort. As a Do-It-Yourself website, has already helped many contractors, subcontractors and suppliers to protect their lien right by serving NTOs according to the Statute of each state.

You can access out website on your computer, smartphone or tablet, and avail our web-based service anytime and anywhere. At the same time, you also have option to create an online NTO by submitting the required information, and obtain the notice in PDF format. Thus, you can simply use a printer to get a print out copy of the NTO, and serve it to the owner without any hassle and delay. You also have option to choose from several packages according to your needs and budget. On the whole, you can use to secure your lien right without putting any extra time, money and efforts.


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