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Construction Lien

Complete and Accurate Specialized Construction Lien Service for Industry

One of the best sites that offers you with automated professional lien along with construction lien forms in order to start up a brand new construction company or an existing one, is, The major advantage of using the site is that gives you automated results along with being extremely light on your wallet results for the liens and the various construction notices. Not to forget it is also totally hassle free! Everyone wonders how does the  helps and more than the help what it exactly is. In the following write up we will address the query in addition to the nit-picks regarding the mechanics lien release form.

It’s the try that matters.

For individuals engrossed in the construction field, there are various types of forms, mechanics liens, construction liens, notices, tenders and various other documents which are common. On numerous occasions a 3rd party is included to handle the documentation. That can get taxing after a certain extent as well. To solve all the queries, ‘PreLienDepot’ is here to take care of all you lien queries. You can simply visit the website and do the documentation yourself without having to rely on anyone. The site is designed to keep up with the documents and types of forms as per the state. The forms can be purchased for a basic amount.


With the economic changes, the changes are reflected in all the fields. The construction field is no different to the changes, there are changes in the rules and validity of forms. With, you can simply create as well as protect the forms in addition to the rights associated with the lien. So for individuals who handle construction companies, contractor or even a sub-contractor, the website is the best fit for all your lien needs. All you need to do is, TRY the site and to make matters easier, you can try the site through a demo account version.

The host of services on offer.

The website offers a vast range of services. The services are-

Services pertaining to notices to the owner-

  • Trap fund notices
  • The Preliminary 20 day notice
  • A specially fabricated materials notice
  • Second month notices
  • Notices issued to intent to lient
  • Notices issued to the owner, and
  • Notices issued to the contractor



Apart from these, the website also helps you to issue/raise waivers-

The waivers are-

  • Lien related partial waivers
  • Unconditional waivers issued during the time of final payment
  • Conditional partial release, and,
  • The waivers of lien, conditional waivers and releases arising owing to the progress of payment also come under this vertical

Lien claims-

It can also help you make lien claims. They are-

  • Claims on bonds and/or notices issued with regards to non-payment
  • Notices to be issued on bond claims
  • Filing of affidavits
  • Claims to be made against the lien bonds and/or payment bonds
  • Affidavits of lien, mechanics lien; and,
  • Issuing lien statements as well as lien claims

Workflow to apply for the demo trial

The website has a well-designed demo version that can be used by everyone in order to get an idea of the services that can be availed through The demo version provides a great learning experience. All you got to do is to choose the sign up option or hit on the present register option that will display a registration form on your PC/laptop screen.

The registration needs to be filled with utmost precision. The compulsory blocks have the * mark on them that need to be filled, failing which you won’t be able to proceed to the rest of the form. There are certain blocks such as address 2, fax number, company information that do not have the * mark on them and they can be overlooked. If you want your profile to be complete in all aspects, we would recommend you to fill them too.

Safety and security- Guaranteed

With so many scams and phishing websites on the prowl, you can be assured that there are no bluffs, misleading information or any sort of hiccup; that can stem from the website. The site is 100% reliable, safe and totally trustworthy.