Mechanics Lien

Pre Lien Depot (Mechanics lien release form)

Pre lien depot is an amazing site offering you with automated professional lien forms for your established or fresh construction company. The site offers you with hassle free, automated and budget friendly result for the liens and the construction notices”. So how does this pre lien depot really help you in and what exactly is it? This query and also about the mechanics lien release form will be explained in this following article.

Firstly just give a try

If you are involved in a construction field then different types of forms, mechanics liens, notice to owners and many more notices are quite common and many times we include third party for all these stuff, what if I say that you can carry out these stuffs by your own with the help of just an amazing site “Pre Lien Depot”? Yes it is possible. The site is a national site with specific form for specific state. A form can be purchased for a simple amount. In the present time’s economy, there is a constant change in every field along with the construction field with changes in terms of rules and the forms validity. In you or your staff member can create and protect the forms and the lien rights. So if you are a construction company owner or a contractor or a sub contractor or a supplier then pre lien depot can be just the perfect choice for you, so just give a try to this amazing site with a demo account version.

Different services available

The site offers you with different services those are mentioned below.

The notices to the owner

  • Trap fund notice,
  • Preliminary 20 day notice,
  • Preliminary notice,
  • Specially fabricated materials notice,
  • Second month notice,
  • Notice to intent to lien,
  • Notice to owner and
  • Notice to the contractor.
  • Partial waiver of lien,
  • Unconditional waiver upon final payment,
  • Conditional partial release and
  • Waiver of lien, conditional waiver and release upon progress payment comes under this part.


Lien claim


  • Bond claim, notice of Non Payment,
  • Notice of claim on bond,
  • Affidavit,
  • Claim against lien bond or payment bond,
  • Lien affidavit, mechanics lien and
  •  Statement of lien and claim of lien.

How to apply for the demo try

To make the most use of the site and the services provided by the site you can give a try to the demo version and learn from it too. Click on the sign up or the present register option which displays a registering form on your desktop or laptop screen.

In the registration form you need to fill the blocks that have star marks (compulsory or else you cannot proceed) and the blocks without star marks like address 2, Fax, cell phone and your company details, which are not compulsory, but you can fill them too for a perfect profile structure.

Don’t worry about any kind of bluff related to the site as the site is completely trust worthy and reliable. So stay connected and stay alert.

Note: Please check with you attorney before submitting your lien affidavit.