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One of the best sites that offers you with automated professional lien along with construction lien forms in order to start up a brand new construction company or an existing one, is, The major advantage of using the site is that gives you automated results along with being extremely light on your wallet results for the liens and the various construction notices. Not to forget it is also totally hassle free! Everyone wonders how does the  helps and more than the help what it exactly is. In the following write up we will address the query in addition to the nit-picks regarding the mechanics lien release form.

It’s the try that matters.

For individuals engrossed in the construction field, there are various types of forms, mechanics liens, construction liens, notices, tenders and various other documents which are common. On numerous occasions a 3rd party is included to handle the documentation. That can get taxing after a certain extent as well. To solve all the queries, ‘PreLienDepot’ is here to take care of all you lien queries. You can simply visit the website and do the documentation yourself without having to rely on anyone. The site is designed to keep up with the documents and types of forms as per the state. The forms can be purchased for a basic amount.


With the economic changes, the changes are reflected in all the fields. The construction field is no different to the changes, there are changes in the rules and validity of forms. With, you can simply create as well as protect the forms in addition to the rights associated with the lien. So for individuals who handle construction companies, contractor or even a sub-contractor, the website is the best fit for all your lien needs. All you need to do is, TRY the site and to make matters easier, you can try the site through a demo account version.

The host of services on offer.

The website offers a vast range of services. The services are-

Services pertaining to notices to the owner-

  • Trap fund notices
  • The Preliminary 20 day notice
  • A specially fabricated materials notice
  • Second month notices
  • Notices issued to intent to lient
  • Notices issued to the owner, and
  • Notices issued to the contractor



Apart from these, the website also helps you to issue/raise waivers-

The waivers are-

  • Lien related partial waivers
  • Unconditional waivers issued during the time of final payment
  • Conditional partial release, and,
  • The waivers of lien, conditional waivers and releases arising owing to the progress of payment also come under this vertical

Lien claims-

It can also help you make lien claims. They are-

  • Claims on bonds and/or notices issued with regards to non-payment
  • Notices to be issued on bond claims
  • Filing of affidavits
  • Claims to be made against the lien bonds and/or payment bonds
  • Affidavits of lien, mechanics lien; and,
  • Issuing lien statements as well as lien claims

Workflow to apply for the demo trial

The website has a well-designed demo version that can be used by everyone in order to get an idea of the services that can be availed through The demo version provides a great learning experience. All you got to do is to choose the sign up option or hit on the present register option that will display a registration form on your PC/laptop screen.

The registration needs to be filled with utmost precision. The compulsory blocks have the * mark on them that need to be filled, failing which you won’t be able to proceed to the rest of the form. There are certain blocks such as address 2, fax number, company information that do not have the * mark on them and they can be overlooked. If you want your profile to be complete in all aspects, we would recommend you to fill them too.

Safety and security- Guaranteed

With so many scams and phishing websites on the prowl, you can be assured that there are no bluffs, misleading information or any sort of hiccup; that can stem from the website. The site is 100% reliable, safe and totally trustworthy.

Construction Lien – is as easy as easy as 1,2,3

Anticipating great construction work and ending up in a construction lien.
This is definite hardening process for any person. It is also termed as a
Mechanic’s Lien commonly, it brings legal paper work to conjoin and make
sure that builders, contractors and material suppliers would abide by, as
per the law. So when one feels that the service is not up to the mark and
when it comes to a point where the trials of getting in sync with the
contractor no longer works out.

Construction Lien

Payment problem is a major concern when it comes to construction liens,
this would stop the owner from selling there property or try to get proper
refinance. If aterial/subcontractors provider records and place a
mechanic lien against the real estate.

Settle the unsettled

Most of the times, a problem arises, when the parties don’t understand or
do not have much knowledge about the process. It is better to consult with
legal counsel , to get things done in a jiffy without any misconception.

File it right

It is vital to move the case and file the lien, before things go out of
hand. If the property owner doesn’t take steps at all, then it is pretty
important to file it to make sure reconcilable loss in the near future.
The process starts with the notice, before filing it. There is a proper
standard format in which the lien has to be submitted. So, the one who is
submitting a lien, must in general, follow the necessary data to be put in

Secondly, information and facts to be penned down in the lien must be
considered. It is important to furnish all the details right from the
start, in order to make sure that the lien is processed right. This
follows a final call to the personnel who has to respond paying on time, a
foreclosure has to be filed please consult with counsel.

If you are looking for a good trustworthy company that would help you in
getting things done in a proper manner, just visit the website the one well-renowned for the lien
processing, they process the lien on the person’s behalf without having to
spend much time on it. All you need is to give specific answers to the
questions in detail .

Avoid hassles and reduce the loss

Keep all the documentations. Come up with a plan and be ready, so as to
when the payments are to be done in a timely manner. There are also
companies that would work out the payment structure and getting the money
with timely reminders, it is also vital to approach them after filing the

Process the lien and make sure to use http:/ File
all your construction lien with the best professionals. Please check with
your Attorney.

Mechanics Lien

Pre Lien Depot (Mechanics lien release form)

Pre lien depot is an amazing site offering you with automated professional lien forms for your established or fresh construction company. The site offers you with hassle free, automated and budget friendly result for the liens and the construction notices”. So how does this pre lien depot really help you in and what exactly is it? This query and also about the mechanics lien release form will be explained in this following article.

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Types of Lien


A lien is a legal or a formal document prepared to be signed by the party to whom the money is given by the debtor. It often entails the need of attaching property if money is to be obtained by selling the property; after the party fails to repay. A deed of trust is prepared in this respect. The recipient is called lienee and the person who benefits of giving lien is called a lien holder or lienor. Continue reading

What is the reason of the Notice to Owner

The simple reason for this is, to protect you lien rights in the event you do not get paid. However, the Notice to Owner lets the owner know who is working on the  property and, therefore, who could potentially lien the project if they do not get paid.    Now this happens that the owner pays the general contractor but the general contractor does not pay the money to the sub contractor and suppliers . If this happens the sub contractor and suppliers, could lien the project. Please check with your Attorney.


Changes in Louisiana Lien Statutes

In Louisiana the past year Louisiana legislature made into law a handful of amendments and has changed the Notice requirements , the time  for enforcement of the lien claimants under the Private Works Acts. The major change is the lien claimant is now required to file a suit within 1 year of  the recorded Statement of Claim or Privilege. The previous deadline to file the suit to enforce the claim was a year after the expiration of the time to file a lien.

Also lessors of movables are now required to provide the owner and
contractor with a signed copy of the lease agreement identifying the terms of
rental and of payment.  Finally, a  recent jurisprudence which spoke of the
requirement of itemization in a Statement of Claim or Privilege with out delay have
legislative changes to clarify that unpaid invoices have  to be attached
to a Statement of Claim or Privilege only if the lien specifically states that
such invoices are attached. Please check with your attorney.

Florida, What is a Notice to owner/Notice to Contractor

If you are a Sub-Contractor, or Sub-Sub-Contractor even a Sub-Sub-Sub Contractor, in order to protect your lien rights against the real property where you are working, you must serve a Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor (“Notice”).  The “Notice” must be served within 45 days from the 1st day on the job. The Notice to owner must be in the form provided in 713.06, Florida Statutes.   Your dates are very important as well as obtaining as much information about the owner and/or General Contractor.  Always request a copy of either the permit or a copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement.

If you choose not to serve a “Notice” to the Owner and General Contractor then you will have forfeited your rights to Claim a Lien in the event the Owner and/or General Contractor do not pay you for your service. Please check with your attorney.

Georgia Chanes in Lien Law Statute

In May the Georgia legislature enacted , the Georgia governor signed into  law and amended to the Lien Law which will expand the area of labor ,equipment and services and materials could be included in a Claim of Lien in Georgia.

The amended Georgia Code Sections 44-14-361(c) and (d) will now  allow a lien claim to include in a claim of lien “the amount due and owing the lien claimant under the terms of its express or implied contract, subcontract, or purchase order.”  As a result of this amendment, lien able amounts now may include contractor and supplier general conditions costs, as well as other support costs, profit and pre-judgment interest established by the contract. Please check with your attorney.

Who Will This Site Benifit?

This site was built to benefit general contractors, sub contractors, such as electricians, painters , concrete contractors, roofers, mechanical contractors , landscape, plumbers ,drywall, HVAC, masonry, plasters,  carpenters, fabricators,  design professionals such as landscape architects, material suppliers, or rental equipment suppliers. Also Industry professionals such as accounting, that use construction software. This is some of the Construction Industry fields that can use this site .

What is is a Do It Yourself web site. We went ahead and produced a website for those in the Construction Industry. We have a step by step example on our video on how to fill in the questionnaire. This is the part you should have the answers to the questions. has the forms for your Liens, releases, waivers, Notice of Intent just to name a few. No matter how big or small your company is our site is available 24/7 for your use. There are different packages to purchase, and as low as $9.95. This site is for the Construction Industry .