Florida, What is a Notice to owner/Notice to Contractor

If you are a Sub-Contractor, or Sub-Sub-Contractor even a Sub-Sub-Sub Contractor, in order to protect your lien rights against the real property where you are working, you must serve a Notice to Owner/Notice to Contractor (“Notice”).  The “Notice” must be served within 45 days from the 1st day on the job. The Notice to owner must be in the form provided in 713.06, Florida Statutes.   Your dates are very important as well as obtaining as much information about the owner and/or General Contractor.  Always request a copy of either the permit or a copy of the recorded Notice of Commencement.

If you choose not to serve a “Notice” to the Owner and General Contractor then you will have forfeited your rights to Claim a Lien in the event the Owner and/or General Contractor do not pay you for your service. Please check with your attorney.