Changes in Louisiana Lien Statutes

In Louisiana the past year Louisiana legislature made into law a handful of amendments and has changed the Notice requirements , the time  for enforcement of the lien claimants under the Private Works Acts. The major change is the lien claimant is now required to file a suit within 1 year of  the recorded Statement of Claim or Privilege. The previous deadline to file the suit to enforce the claim was a year after the expiration of the time to file a lien.

Also lessors of movables are now required to provide the owner and
contractor with a signed copy of the lease agreement identifying the terms of
rental and of payment.  Finally, a  recent jurisprudence which spoke of the
requirement of itemization in a Statement of Claim or Privilege with out delay have
legislative changes to clarify that unpaid invoices have  to be attached
to a Statement of Claim or Privilege only if the lien specifically states that
such invoices are attached. Please check with your attorney.